2007 Subaru Forester

  • 2007 Subaru Forester

    Subaru Forester
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    • Performed AAA inspection. Inspected all fluid levels and condition. –Oil Leak – Technician Note: both variable timing secondary oil pressure switch leaking. Head gaskets leaking oil and coolant. –Inspected operation of all external lights. – Technician Note: Left rear upper brake light out. Installed a new bulb. –Inspected battery, cables and hold down. Technician Note: Corrosion on battery rec cleaning – Recommendation: Your battery's terminals are corroded. Battery terminal service is recommended. Inspected wiper blades, washer fluid, horn and mirrors. Inspected belts and hoses and air filter. –Air Filter Technician Note: Dirty – Recommendation: Our inspection showed your air filter is due for replacement. –Cabin Air Filter Technician Note: Dirty – Recommendation: CABIN AIR FILTER; Tested antifreeze protection – good to -30°F and Ph level good at this time. Inspected tire pressures and depth.
    • Removed necessary components and performed upper air intake cleaning procedure. Reassembled and made any necessary adjustments as required. Road tested engine performance.
    • Drained engine oil and cooling system. Disassembled as needed for removal of cylinder heads. Removed heads for inspection. Sent to the machine shop. Found the right cylinder head cracked. Ordered a new right cylinder head casting. Transferred all necessary parts from the old cylinder head to the new right cylinder head casting. Ground, lapped the valves and installed all necessary seals. Cleaned and resurfaced the left cylinder head. Replaced one failed valve guide. Ground, lapped the valves and installed all necessary seals. Cleaned and prepared gasket surfaces. Reinstalled cylinder heads, all necessary gaskets and seals and reassembled all components. Refilled engine oil and replaced oil filter. Refilled and cycled cooling system. Scope checked and made all necessary adjustments. Road tested and verified the repairs.
    • Installed a new air filter as needed.
    • Disassembled components as necessary. Removed the cabin air filter, cleaned housing and installed a new filter.
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