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  • 2008 Saturn Vue

    Saturn Vue
    Service Date
    Services Performed
    • Road tested vehicle. –Brake System Performance Technician Note: Vehicle pulses when braking at hwy speeds. –Vehicle Warning Lights Technician Note: TPMS light is on. Three Tpms signals missing. Rec replacing all 4 sensors due to age. Battery life 10 years. – Recommendation: TPMS Sensors Changed oil and filter. Lubricated chassis points (where applicable). Inspected all fluid levels and condition. Inspected battery, cables, hold down and load tested battery – good. Performed starter draw test -11.52v- within specifications. Tested charging system output -14.77v- within specifications. Performed voltage drop test at battery cables and power lead. Inspected cooling system level and topped off as needed. Tested radiator cap for proper operation and pressure tested the system for leaks. Tested antifreeze protection – good to -34°F and Ph level good at this time. Inspected wiper blades, washer fluid, horn and mirrors. Inspected operation of all external lights. Inspected fan belts and hoses. Inspected filters and ignition components. –Cabin Air Filter Technician Note: Very dirty. Plugged. Rec replacing for clean air in cabin and maximum a/c performance. – Recommendation: Replace cabin air filter. Cabin air filter is due to be replaced. –Spark Plugs/Ignition Wires Technician Note: Original plugs from manufacturer. Rec replacing – Recommendation: Your vehicle is due to have the spark plugs replaced per mileage. –Fuel Induction Technician Note: During normal everyday driving, deposits accumulate on the throttle body, intake valves, and in the combustion chambers. Symptoms include: loss of power, rough idle, hesitation, misfire, pinging, knocking, fuel mileage and hard starting. – Recommendation: INDUCTION SERVICE – We recommend performing fuel induction service as part of normal maintenance. Performed complete brake system inspection. The following is amount of brake lining remaining: –Front Brakes Technician Note: 6mm pad thickness remaining. Calipers are good. –Front Rotors Technician Note: Rotor Runout is at .005" Max spec is .002. – Recommendation: TURN ROTORS – We recommend turning front rotors on our brake lathe due to concerns found on inspection. Rear Brakes Technician Note: 4mm pad thickness remaining. –Rear Rotors Technician Note: Rotor Runout out is @ .002" Max spec is .002 Inspected brake hydraulic system for leaks, wear and condition of fluid. Inspected tire pressures and depth. Inspected steering and suspension components. Inspected exhaust system condition.
    • Installed new wiper blades as needed.
    • Disassembled components as necessary. Removed the cabin air filter, cleaned housing and installed a new filter.
    • Inspected all hydraulic components for leaks – none. Drew brake fluid from master cylinder. Flushed and bled entire brake hydraulic system until clean. Filled and bled brakes as needed. Road tested.
    Marjorie A. gave our service a 5 star review on 10/19/2022