2008 Toyota Tacoma

  • 2008 Toyota Tacoma

    Toyota Tacoma
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    • Road tested vehicle. Scope tested engine and ignition system. Scan tested power train control module system and found code #P2195 Bank 1, Sensor 1 Low indication. Possible oxygen sensor failing. Performed visual inspections – Inspected all fluid levels and condition. – Noted slight oil seepage from the front engine cover, recommend to monitor. – Noted the differential and transfer case fluids are due to be serviced. Inspected battery, cables, hold down and load tested battery -Passed . Performed starter draw test – within specifications . Tested charging system output – 13.8v . Performed voltage drop test at battery cables and power lead. Inspected cooling system level and topped off with as needed for testing purposes. Tested radiator cap for proper operation. Pressure tested cooling system and inspected for leaks. Tested antifreeze protection – good to -30 and Ph level good at this time. Inspected wiper blades, washer fluid, horn and mirrors. Inspected operation of all external lights. Inspected fan belts and hoses. Inspected filters and ignition components. – Noted Bosch spark plugs, recommend correct heat range and manufacture. – Recommend fuel injection service due to age and millage. Performed complete brake system inspection. The following is amount of brake lining remaining: Left front – 8mm Right front – 8mm Left rear – 3mm Right rear – 3mm / Drum brakes Inspected brake hydraulic system for leaks, wear and condition of fluid. Inspected tire pressures and depth. – Noted code C2125 no TPMS signal, suspect low output from sensor/s. Inspected steering and suspension components. – Noted wear of the shocks/struts. Inspected exhaust system condition. – Tested A/C operation vent tested @ 40*.
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