2008 Toyota Tundra

  • 2008 Toyota Tundra

    Toyota Tundra
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    • Changed engine oil and filter. Lubed chassis points (where applicable). Inspected all fluid levels and conditions. Transmission Fluid –Technician Note: Drain plug gasket leaking The transmission fluid is discolored and likely contaminated. – Recommendation: Your vehicle's transmission fluid is due for service. –Power Steering fluid is dirty/contaminated. – Recommendation: Your vehicle's power steering fluid is due to be serviced. Topped off windshield washer fluid as needed. Tested operation of all external lights. Inspected belts and hoses. Inspected air filter. Inspected battery cables and hold down. Inspected tires for wear and proper inflation. Engine Coolant –Technician Note: Coolant Tested at -25°F Coolant Service is due based on the vehicle's mileage or history. – Recommendation: Coolant system is due to be serviced. Inspected wiper blades. Factory Recommend Services – Technician Note: Spark plug history? Due at 120,000 MILES. INDUCTION SERVICE – We recommend performing fuel induction service as part of normal maintenance.
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